The bribe was never intended for me and to start with I never understood exactly what was going on. However there was this wondrously beautiful ebony Las Vegas girl standing in the hotel room door telling me that she was going to show me around the place. Before I knew it she came in and stripped down to her underwear, which I assume was extremely expensive underwear. At any rate I had no reason to kick this beautiful woman out of my room or ask her to put her clothes on. She began to ask me how I wanted it and explained that she did not do any weird stuff, no whips and chains or some other stuff that I do not even want to think about. I was pretty much glad to hear that and I finally understood that someone was paying her to show me her wondrous assets and even more. She kissed me and told me that she really enjoyed sex, then she gave me a condom. That was mandatory. I decided that I would ask her who sent her.

Of course when I showed up for the meeting those guys were beside themselves. They had expected Tom to show up, he must not have told him that they had caught him padding his expense account in hilariously inept ways. I decided that I had those guys over the barrel, so I asked them how long they had been bribing Tom and how much they had screwed the company out of. When I went back to the room another girl showed up right behind. The first one was still there and now both of them were a bribe for me to not snitch on these guys. Obviously I did not throw the second one out, even though I intended to tell on them. It was way too good a story.